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“Dune Part Two” achieves triumph in visual and critical success

In 2023, Denis Villeneuve directed the sequel to the highly acclaimed 2021 film ‘Dune,’ titled ‘Dune Part Two.’

These two films adapt Frank Herbert’s 1965 science fiction novel of the same name. The series includes six books in total, but the films only adapt the first book.

The movie tells the story of Paul Atreides, a privileged duke of House Atreides. The Emperor grants his house control of the planet Arrakis, which is vital to the economy because of its most important resource: Spice.

Then, Paul’s family is all killed except for him and his mother by the Harkonnens, a rival house and the Emperor, in an act of betrayal. Paul then has to learn the ways of the Fremen, the natives of Arrakis to become the Lisan Al-Gaib and liberate Arrakis from the Empire, exacting revenge on the Emperor.

Sequels are usually considered inferior to the first film, but many have said this one is comparable to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, in that it is considered much better than its predecessor.

But some prefer ‘Dune Part One,’ such as YouTube movie critic Cosmonaut Variety Hour.

‘However, for me I do think I enjoy Dune Part One just a little bit better,” said Variety Hour. “Overall, Part One was a film that felt more atmospheric, tonally consistent and just a little more confident in itself.’

The budget of this film is $190 million. It has received widespread praise with a 93% audience and 95% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes. (source).

The cast delivers absolutely breathtaking performances, Cosmonaut Variety Hour (source) had a lot to say about Javier Bardem’s performance in particular.

“Javier Bardem is doing an amazing job here,” said Variety Hour. “And out of every performance, he is the most immersed in his role.”

The visuals are the highlight of these films. Cinematographer Graig Fraser did a phenomenal job with the wide-scoping shots to show the scale of planets.

IMAX is definitely the way to go when it comes to viewing this film. The movie offers a viewing experience 10 times better than regular screens.

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