GHC offers new bachelor programs


Abby Chesnut

GHC is now adding new areas of study including Building Information Modeling Management, Healthcare Management and FinTech. Film Production was added in 2020 and is continuing into 2022.

Abigail Henderson, Features Editor

Attaining a bachelor’s degree is more accessible than ever at Georgia Highlands as programs offered continue to expand. New paths of study available include Building Information Modeling Management, Healthcare Management and FinTech. Film Production is a continuing program that was added to GHC’s pathways in 2020.

The Building Information Modeling Management program is best suited for students looking to become the future of construction and engineering. Jason Christian, Interim Dean for the School of STEM, explained that the degree has no entrance requirements. “Anyone interested in pursuing BIMM as a degree option should reach out to an advisor and get started,” Christian said.

Students interested in BIMM can find information about the program, including a video created by BIMM professor Maria Holt, at In addition, resources on the website offer a greater understanding of BIMM and explain how students can use the degree. 

There are plans to hold an information session for interested students on March 30, April 11, April 21 and May 10, at 5 p.m. on Zoom. The Zoom link for the sessions will be located on the BIMM website.  

The Film Production pathway is for students that are interested in everything related to film. Students can learn about screenwriting, cinematography, film analysis and more. 

In an interview shown on GHConline TV, film students Justin Ford and Haley Harding both explained how GHC has impacted them in offering knowledge and experience within the field of film.

Ford said that in his courses, he has learned how to dissect, analyze and shoot films. This program of study also instructs students about independent filmmaking. 

Hardin said one must wear a lot of different hats in independent filmmaking. She continued to explain that GHC film students are being taught how to be prepared to create their own films if they want to. 

Once students have completed their film coursework at GHC, there is a paid internship program with the Georgia Film Academy to which students can apply. Taking advantage of this internship program could open the door to many different opportunities in advancing within the career field.  

The Healthcare Management program is a new option open to students wanting to pursue a career in healthcare. It offers students the necessary knowledge and skills within the healthcare industry. 

By obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management, students could find careers in many different fields such as Hospital Administration, Clinic Administration, Health Information Management, Nursing Management, Rehabilitation Administration, General Management, Marketing, Human Resources and finance.  

Other students may find their interest piqued by a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Logistics is inclusive of activities within the constraints of one organization. Supply chains are related to networks of several companies that collaborate to produce a product to be marketed.  

Examples of careers available with a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management include Vendor and Purchasing Logistics Management, Materials and Warehousing Management, Production Management and Inventory Control Management. 

Students interested in either a bachelor’s degree in these career fields should contact the Dean for the School of Business and Professional Studies, Melaine Largin, or Interim Division Chair of Business and Professional Studies, Joy Hambrick. To apply for these programs, learn about scholarship opportunities and dive even deeper into the details of each field of study, students should visit