Sportsmanship: It’s still important

Sportsmanship: Its still important

Karlee Helms

The true meaning of genuine sportsmanship crossed my mind at one of the first games of the GHC basketball season. A few attendees supporting the opposing team were yelling smart remarks at a few of our players.

Sportsmanship doesn’t only reflect a person’s character and who he or she is as an individual, but it reflects on a student’s school as well.

If people go to a basketball game and start yelling demeaning remarks at the referees, not only will they be seen as rude, but it is annoying to the other people attending the game.

We should respect the refs. They will call fouls and plays as they see them. We may not always agree with them, but we aren’t on the court watching the game as actively as they are.

Another example of unsportsmanlike behavior would be trash-talking to the opposing team. I understand that trash-talk is bound to happen at sporting events, but there’s a difference between joking around with it and slandering someone.

I’m all for having a good time, but we should all remember that we are representing our college. We may not be wearing that orange and blue uniform, but we are still students and representatives of GHC.

Let’s show visiting fans how students with class behave. Let’s give them a lesson in genuine sportsmanship.