America: where poor people are fat and life changes every six months

America: where poor people are fat and life changes every six months

Larry Oswalt

With the presidential race in full swing, and everyone who is anyone finding faults and mistakes in all that our country does, let’s take a minute to think about another side of America.

Some time ago, an obviously malnourished stowaway was discovered on board an arriving cargo ship. The ship had left Bangladesh and had docked in New York City with its cargo. The stowaway was taken into custody and finally arrived at immigration for eventual deportation.

The immigration officials were understandably curious and asked the man why he took a risk only to be sent back if discovered. He said, “I want to live in a country whose poor people are fat.”

I believe that a country, or a people, can rightly be judged by how they treat the least fortunate among them. If that is the case, then I think we should find some measure of praise for our great country, while the pundits ramble on.


At the risk of being a curmudgeon…

Why does Congress pass laws that have no purpose other than to irritate me? My complaint today is the up-coming daylight saving time. I DO NOT LIKE daylight saving time.

It puts our kids on the roadways in the dark to catch the school bus. It causes untold safety issues with heavy morning traffic occurring in the darkness. It wakes up normal people at an artificially ungodly time in the morning. It causes drive-in theaters to start their first movie at 10:00 p.m. It makes the sun go down way after my bedtime. It does not save anything. All it does is screw up my schedule and mess up my sleeping.

Fortunately, our wondrously designed bodies do eventually adjust to the change after about six months, and then, THEY CHANGE IT BACK! Please put the time somewhere and leave it alone…please. And quit making my life miserable!