Activities prepare students for success at 4 year institutions

Activities  prepare students for success at 4 year institutions

When attending a school like GHC, the goal is to move on to a four year school as soon as possible. Most students want to wait to get active in school activities once they reach that goal.

There are many reasons to get active before starting a four year experience.

By being active, students learn new things. Every experience builds on skills they already have. Being involved is one way to learn outside of the classroom. This gives a student a chance to put themselves into problem-solving situations or try something “hands on.”

Participating in activities can help build a resume. A student’s resume is something that should constantly be improved by the diverse things one does in life. Work is only one way to build a resume. Activities and organizations can also help build a resume and demonstrate what student have to offer as a future employee.

When joining organizations, students can also increase scholarship opportunities. Scholarships can be an important part in paying for college. The more prospects for scholarships, the higher probability of earning a type of financial aid that will not have to be paid back. Clubs, organizations, and activities sometimes have scholarships related to them. If not, activities will be helpful when completing scholarship applications.

People can develop stronger personal skills. A person changes and grows with each new experience. Getting involved might provide the chance to take on a leadership role in an organization or club. By becoming active students learn more about how to lead people and groups. If one doesn’t have a leadership position, they wouldn’t learn key teamwork strategies.

By being active, a student will inevitably meet new people. This is one of the most important reasons to get involved. The chance to meet new people from various cultures will help provide different perspectives. All people encountered by participating in activities and organizations have traits that can be learn from and may become a friend for life.