DACA dream may end in nightmare

Art by Moises Ledesma
Art by Moises Ledesma

Over the past several weeks Democratic and Republican politicians alike have been receiving backlash after President Donald Trump announced his intention to put an end to the program known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

Since 2012, DACA has been protecting children of illegal immigrants who were brought into the United States at a very young age. Being covered under DACA guards these children from deportation and gives working permits for those who meet certain qualifications.

Since its conception, DACA has helped over 800,000 immigrants finish school, further their education past high school and get jobs. Participants in the DACA program have since been given the unofficial title “dreamers,” referring to their intent to chase what we call the “American Dream.”

The expulsion of DACA participants won’t change society for the better. It isn’t a back-pat-worthy utilitarian policy play. It doesn’t remove criminals or “lazy” people. It is locating and extracting hundreds of thousands of students. That’s right. College kiddos just like us. Poof. Gone.

Why remove hardworking Americans simply because they were brought at too young of an age to have a choice? Is that how we “Make America Great Again?” Disapproval is pouring in from every political angle. Democratic congress members have been arrested for protesting in front of Trump Tower. Almost every school in America has DACA students.

According to Todd Jones, vice president of student affairs, GHC has 14 students that are on the verge of being ripped away from their classes, jobs and life as they know it if DACA is repealed.

Right now there are things you can do to support DACA. Be a part of the incessant pressure being placed on Washington. Call your congressman. Leave them 17 voicemails. Send them letters. No, send them BAGS of letters. Make Congress pray for Sunday.

More importantly, Tweet. That’s where Trump will feel it most. Tweet until your thumbs are sore. Tweet until your phone comes to life and runs away. Tweet as if 14 people’s lives were depending on it, because they are.