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Cellphone use and abuse

Art by Moises Ledesma

Cellphones are visible to a person throughout their day. Whether a person is looking at their own device, walking down the street, waiting in a line or driving they see a cell phone being used by either themselves or others. Due to the increase of social media and the normality of cellphone use, multiple psychological and physical issues have arisen.

Studies by have proven that cellphone usage can cause anxiety as well as depression. Now the level of anxiety cellphones provide may not be that noticeable, but it is a small defining factor in the mental toll that cell phones have on a human.

Often, young adults look to their phones as a crutch in any situation. They wish to escape their problems and dive into the world of social media rather than complete a task at hand. This is when depression due to lack of productivity sets in.

Cellphones may not cause extreme feelings of anxiety and depression, however, their use still creates additional mental turmoil.

Often, people hear how technology screens can harm their vision. This is a fact. Eyeglass companies are now selling anti-blue light eyeglasses for people to wear only while using computers or cell phones to avoid exposure to harsh lighting.

Cellphone lights can make a person’s eyes tired and overtime too much direct exposure can affect one’s vision.

Cellphone use can also affect the way someone perceives another. If a student is always on their phone in class the respect that student’s teacher has for them can be low. Why should a teacher pay any attention to someone and give them any respect when they are scrolling though Twitter during the duration of their class?

Almost every Snapchat, text message, Twitter mention and Instagram comment can be put off. None of these social media notifications are emergency dire issues that need attention right away.

However, some youth live by the buzzing and ringing of their phone. Cellphone use is cureable. It may be hard and may be painful, but putting down the phone won’t kill you.

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