Sites and apps can help students plan summer trips

James Alewine

With Spring Break now having come and gone, most students are beginning to plan their big summer trip.

Whether this is your first summer trip of your college career or if it’s your last trip before graduating, you want to be prepared, especially financially.

With this in mind, here are some of the best travel websites to help you plan your next getaway with price in mind.

The first website is This website is designed specifically for students who want to travel affordably. The website offers plenty of student discounts for air travel, hotels, tours, train/bus passes and even travel insurance.

Not only does this website help people step-by-step plan their getaway, it can also help people sign up for international internships, so they can build their work experience while still enjoying a summer of adventure.

The second website is called This website compiles travel, hotel and food discounts from other apps or websites and offers them to students. The feature that is the most helpful is their pay plan.

This website allows students to become a member and pay for their trip over a span of time. This way they are not limited by high costs and can simply pay for the getaway over time at a rate they can afford.

The third is actually an app. It is called “Visit A City” and is kind of like a blog created by students all over the world who suggest and create itineraries for visiting students.

The app contains a vast collection of to-do-lists for cities globally and can really help you figure out what to do once you get where you were headed.