Chargers athletics update practice period

Multiple Charger athletics have concluded a mandatory 60-day practice window due to the late start of seasons caused by COVID-19.

Athletic Director David Mathis explained the 60-day practice period and why it is implemented.

“The 60-day practice window was implemented due to the delay of the season due to covid. This window gives the coaches an opportunity to still practice and do some scrimmage games and evaluate players. Then still give the players an opportunity to have the pause for COVID and start back in January,” said Mathis.

Both the baseball and softball teams concluded their 60-day practice window on November 2nd. During the 60-day period, the baseball and softball teams took part in scrimmage games against Reinhardt and Kennesaw State.

Neither men’s nor women’s basketball teams have started their 60-day practice window. The coaches can choose their team’s practice window at any time.

Players can practice up to 20 hours per week during the practice period. Outside the period, players are limited to eight hours per week.