Get help transferring colleges with the Next Step Fair

Today, February 1, marks the first day of the Next Step Fair at Georgia Highlands College that will continue through Thursday, February 4. The fair is an event where a collection of other colleges come and present their available programs, facilities, explain why students should consider transferring to their college and how to do so. This event provides a way for students to compare college offerings while making transfer decisions.

Professor Cindy Wheeler, an advising specialist for the School of Humanities said, “This is a good opportunity to get concrete answers to important questions regarding transferring, for example, the admissions process and deadlines, GPA requirements and financial aid and scholarship opportunities.”

Wheeler wants students to realize the opportunity the school is providing them.

Unlike previous years, this year’s fair will be a little different. The fair is entirely virtual and each college has their own dedicated Zoom and presentation times. Despite this, students should expect to be able to fully interact with the presenters and ask any questions they have.

Wheeler said, “Students just starting at GHC or those who are getting close to graduation will all benefit from the information that the representatives have to share. These sessions help ease fears or anxieties that students might have about the transfer process.”

To view the meeting times for specific colleges, click here. For the Zoom link, click here.