Green Highlands hosts first meeting of the year


Photo contributed by Mary Stevenson

Join Green Highlands in their first meeting of the year.

Green Highlands is hosting its first meeting this year on Tuesday, Feb. 16. The meeting will be hosted online through Zoom. Green Highlands is a club open to all students and advocates for healthy lifestyle choices, environmental awareness and community service.

The club is student-run with Professor of Biology Brandy Rogers acting as its faculty advisor. Green Highlands operates at every GHC campus. The president of the club, Mary Stevenson, said, “Green Highlands offers students the unique experience of working with the community directly through local partnerships, clean-ups and gardening.

“These kinds of recreational activities are also useful for students looking to become involved in community service.”

Cartersville club member, Disney Smith, said, “It is a group to preserve the biodiversity at this campus and to work on recycling.” Smith said, “It’s really simple and easy. Just a lot of talking and it’s nothing serious. There are a lot of officer positions offerings so you could join one of those and do social media stuff, or hands-on stuff with plants or you could do planning with recycling.”

The club is looking for students interested in officer positions, such as vice president, treasurer and secretary.

Stevenson also wanted to remind students of the greenhouse and pollinator garden that is on the Cartersville campus. The club will soon begin to garden in the greenhouse. For those who may be apprehensive about gardening due to inexperience, Stevenson had this to say, “Even if you have never planted a thing in your life, don’t worry gardening really grows on you!”

Clubs at GHC have had a hard time dealing with the pandemic. They have had to find ways to reclaim the experiences they once had, and as such, many of the clubs took a hiatus last year to plan: Green Highlands being one of them. Smith said, “We were going to do a smoothie event before COVID, and we were going to do a crafts thing in the library.”

Stevenson explained that the club has been working to develop a solid club experience for students. “We have spent the last year planning and preparing to make this semester productive, safe and fun for all students who wish to become more involved in their school and communities,” said Stevenson

Smith said, “I think it’s really interesting. The type of people who join are very different, but we have the same motive.”

The Zoom URL and the passcode
Meeting ID: 920 0881 4714
Passcode: GoGreen