New club for LGBTQ+ students on Marietta Campus

James Alewine

Charlie Steinberg. Photo by James Alewine
Charlie Steinberg. Photo by James Alewine

A new LGBTQ-centered club has begun meeting on the Marietta campus, led by Charlie Steinberg and club adviser Amy Gandolfi, communication instructor.

Gandolfi described the club as “trying to give people of the LGTBQ community a place to be themselves.” She expressed her surprise at the lack of an existing club for LGBTQ students when Steinberg brought the idea of an inclusive club to her last semester. Steinberg and Gandolfi sought to create a club designed for the community and comfortability of GHC’s LGBTQ students.

The club is still very new, having only met five times, and has relied heavily on word-of-mouth to recruit new members. Gandolfi expressed hope that the club may grow and attend college social events as a safe space and provide representation of and for the school’s LGBTQ community.

Gandolfi explained that the Marietta campus was the best place to start the new club due to the campus’s diverse student population, but she hopes that the club may soon spread to other campuses.

The Equality Alliance Club serves as a new haven for LGBTQ students. It is a place for them to feel welcome and confident in who they are with their peers. Steinberg said that there is a “policy of confidentiality” for any closeted students and that their security is of the utmost importance.

The Equality Alliance Club meets every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in room J-307 on the Marietta Campus.

Any questions about The Equality Alliance Club can be answered by Steinberg, via email at [email protected], or by contacting Gandolfi at [email protected]