Students urged to be cautious during bad weather and stay informed of individual campus closings

Students urged to be cautious during bad weather and stay informed of individual campus closings

Holly Chaney

Georgia Highlands has campuses from Rome to Douglasville and the climate can vary from one campus to another.

While one campus may close, other campuses are unaffected. This could be an issue for students who attend classes at different locations.

Raymond Carnley, chief advancement officer at GHC, said, “We realize that many in the GHC community live in communities a good distance from the campus. This can result in a situation where the college is open for business, but the weather condition in another area is such that coming to class is an unnecessary risk.”

He stated that in such circumstances students and employees use their own good judgment on to stay home or come to class/work.

“It is important to understand that if a specific campus is open, then classes scheduled on that campus for the day will be held as scheduled,” Carnley stated.

Laura Musselwhite, vice president of academic affairs, said “Always, our main concern is the safety of students. We tell students to use their best judgment and err on the side of caution if they are in doubt.”

Musselwhite also said that teachers are notified that some students may not attend due to students having to make tough choices.

But this is not a formal policy. “Each faculty member would have to decide how the absence would impact a student in terms of missed work and that faculty member’s attendance policy. It would be considered on a case by case basis,” said Musselwhite.

Students who suspect their campus may be closed due to weather can find information on closings by visiting the home page of the school website and clicking on Campus Closings under Announcements.

Students can also opt-in to the Highlands emergency notification system, GHC Notify.

Students can choose to be notified concerning emergencies, weather related campus closings and general announcements.

GHC Notify is available through a variety of sources that include email and voice or text message.

This system is free and is available to all faculty, staff and students.

To sign up for GHC Notify visit