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Second 8-week courses feel like a bust

The second session of 8-week courses are in full swing and students are counting down the weeks for the semester to end. 8-week courses are fast-paced and anxiety-inducing but very convenient for students who can manage mental strain.

Ainsley Howard
The second eight weeks are here, so… how is everyone holding up?

Having to take five courses with three being 8-week courses is not for the weak. It can be hard to keep the momentum going into the next session and a lot of us are simply over it.

“Honestly I’m over it just because I’m taking five classes and have to cram to get all my assignments done,”Health Science major Shamiya Poter said. The first session of classes felt like they would never end, and motivation was at an all-time low by week four but we persevered.

While 8-week courses provide a different approach to learning and testing our limits, your progress can either be hindered or accelerated. The fact that the second session of 8-week courses are actually seven weeks only adds more pressure.

“I feel indifferent about the next session; I have never gotten too excited about new classes, but I am grateful for the format these classes have,” Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jalen Hudson said.

This format of classes has allowed me to take five classes in a semester as opposed to taking three and two during the summer. This next session of courses is also exciting for some of us who are embarking on our last semester.

“I’m excited to begin this next session because I am only taking a single 8-week course which I am really interested in,” Film Production major Emily Harris said. Even though I am over coursework, I too am excited to be starting my last two 8-week courses before graduating.

The semester will leave us feeling sad, overwhelmed, excited and even neutral. Some of us just care about getting the work done because that is what school is about and some like myself, will do the work while counting down the days until the end.

Regardless of how it makes you feel, I know we are all looking forward to the same thing and that’s for the semester to be over.

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