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Handshake needs to make a comeback

Anna Crusselle
Handshake has new opportunities for students looking into post college careers to take advantages off… if they knew about it.

Recruiters use Handshake, a job recruiting app, to directly reach out to students based on their majors and degree pathways, encouraging them to apply for jobs, fellowships and internships according to the information on their resumes.

Unfortunately, some students are unaware of the app’s existence, despite its significant helpfulness.

I initially mistook the first email about signing up as spam, but I have no regrets since joining, as Handshake has proven incredibly helpful in guiding me toward career paths.

“I have never heard of the Handshake app,” Health Science major Sandy Money said.

As a health science major myself, I have stumbled upon some great job opportunities through Handshake and more students should be aware of its existence.

One reason students may not be aware of this resource is because GHC no longer partner with Handshake.

“Last year, the USG introduced Steppingblocks at no cost to each institution, leading to the discontinuation of Handshake under the assumption of its similarity in service,” Clifton Puckett, student engagement coordinator said. “Steppingblocks is very useful but it is no Handshake replacement.”

There is no reason why both platforms cannot coexist, as I am sure students are unaware of Steppingblocks just as they were Handshake.

As students, we can express our desire to have Handshake back and hope for the school to do more promotion of these job-seeking apps to aid in the professional growth of students.

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Tami-Ann Treasure
Tami-Ann Treasure, Opinion and Editorials Editor
Tami-Ann Treasure majors in Health Science and intends to pursue a career in law/psychology. She loves books and crime-based TV shows and hopes to become a number-one author. She is naturally exuberant and optimistic, always encouraging her friends and family to strive for excellence.
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Anna Crusselle, Managing Editor
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