GHC student has suggestions for Paulding Campus

GHC student has suggestions  for Paulding Campus

​Dear editor,

​While Georgia Highlands is a fine establishment, there are certain things that could be added to make it even better. Having a larger student lounge could certainly benefit Paulding Campus. By having a larger lounge more students can spread out with all of their belongings to focus on their studies in-between classes, it could also hold more students making it a more inviting atmosphere.

Food is another suggestion, having a cafeteria would not only benefit the students, but also the school. If people heard that the Paulding campus opened up a new cafeteria students would be pouring in. Also those annoying intervals between classes, many students don’t know what to do then, a cafeteria would definitely help.

Lastly, parking. Although it may seem like we have enough space, there could be more added. I’ve noticed students parking in places where they’re not supposed to. Parking in these places can cause these students to receive a ticket, or even get towed. Unfortunately some of these students do not really have a choice to park in these places because everything else is filled up (especially in the afternoon.)

Georgia Highlands is a great college. I’m proud to be a student here. If we all work together we can even make it better!

Lyndsey Jones

Major: Criminal Justice

Paulding campus