Area B electives offered for spring semester 2017

Area B electives offered for spring semester 2017

Aside from the more well-known core classes and degree-specific curriculum, Georgia Highlands College will also be offering some unconventional elective courses in the spring of 2017.

For example, in Cartersville, Steve Blankenship will teach Military History, and Josh Stovall will instruct a class on Qualitative Research Methods in Social Science.

Psychology of the Death Penalty will be offered at the GHC Floyd campus by Stephanie Wright.

Students can attend Bentley Gibson’s course at the Marietta campus: Psychology of Prejudice.

Area B courses offered online include Medical History, Educator Ethics, Introduction to Bullying and Bullying II.

Another Area B course available to GHC students in the spring is Jeffrey Kozee’s Introduction to Nature Writing: Environment, Culture, and Values of the Region. Students in this class will explore the nature of students’ everyday environments “in addition to the familiar nature of natural landscapes and wildlife,” according to Kozee.

Associate Professor of Music Robert Adams and Associate Professor of Spanish Kathryn Garcia are at the helm of “A Cultural Experience,” an Area B Humanities course that seeks students who wish to develop their affection and understanding of fine art experiences.

In conjunction with this course, students are encouraged to take an optional trip to New York City during Spring Break to visit renowned museums and Broadway shows. The trip is open to students “who would like to go whether they take the course or not,” Adams said.

For further information on these and other Area B courses offered in 2017’s spring semester, students can look under GHC-Special Topics classes in course offerings on GHC’s website, or contact the individual courses’ instructors, department deans or an academic adviser.