Brother 2 Brother celebrates diverse interests

Nya Roden Staff Writer

     Amadou Touray is approximately 4,500 miles away from his home, but not far from the soccer field. Nor is Touray far from the Solarium, where Brother 2 Brother meets every Monday afternoon.
     Touray says the club has been great so far. “Many different people from different campuses.”
     Touray is the captain of GHC’s men’s intramural soccer team. He was born in The Gambia, where he spent his childhood.
     Touray moved from The Gambia to Georgia as a teenager. He admits that the transition was difficult and that he struggled with his accent. He also had to look his teachers in the eye, something he was not used to doing.
     Touray learned about Brother 2 Brother through a friend. The organisation  is a part of Georgia Highlands African American and Minority Male Excellence. Touray urges other men to apply.
     Brother 2 Brother’s Floyd campus members meet in the Solarium every Monday. The meeting begins with the organization’s oath and pledge, lead by Josh Hightower. From there, President Quentin Leeks takes the reins, opening a discussion of the members’ majors for an upcoming project. The men in the room began to open up not just about their majors, but about them-selves.
     Hightower cited his sociable nature as his reason for choosing Business as his major.
     President Leeks spoke about why he chose Communications as his major. “Growing up, if you didn’t have anyone to talk to, it makes things harder.”
     Kenechi Mgbodile has an interest in adolescent psychology and wants to help others. He also feels motivated by allow number of black health care professionals.
     “I love to argue,” said Ashford Harris, whose major is in Criminal Justice.
     “Where I’m from we need defense attorneys.” Harris says. “Not many minorities are knowledgeable of their rights.”
     With the new school year, there is much in store for B2B.
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Photos by Nya Roden