Highlands Happenings

Atlanta History Museum On Friday, October 11, there will be a field trip to the Atlanta History Center. Admission is covered by Student life, so the only cost of the trip is lunch. This is an opportunity to learn more about the city of Atlanta, its past and present culture. The trip is also a preview for November’s American Indian Heritage Month. If you are interested, please contact the Director of Student Life, John Speranza.

Michaela Paige Performance If you missed her on the Cartersville, Marietta, and Douglasville campuses you still have the opportunity to see Michaela Paige on the Floyd Campus on Oct. 9th in the Solarium. Paige is a former contestant on The Voice and a JOIN musician. She will also be filming part of a music video during her performance. Watch the show and participate for the opportunity to be in the video.

Peer Body Project On the Cartersville campus GHC students have the opportunity to participate in the Peer Body Project. Students will be trained to be Peer Mentors and participate in the project. The purpose is to implement healthy and positive speech between students, as well as promoting the empowerment of female students.