Old Red Kimono reception scheduled for April 19

Neen Snowball

The Old Red Kimono will host its 41st annual reception on Thursday, April 19, in the Solarium on the Floyd campus.

The literary magazine publishes works from students, faculty, staff and on occasion from outside contributors. The theme of this magazine is “the apocalypse.”

The Old Red Kimono has been in existence since the college opened in 1970. The literary magazine was by different advisers until it was passed to Nancy Applegate, professor of English, who is the Old Red Kimono’s leading adviser.

Jesse Bishop, assistant professor of English, is the magazine’s assistant adviser.

“This year’s ORK is going to be great. I really feel like I say that each year, but it’s true. One of the things I love about the ORK is that each year our student editors bring a different aesthetic sensibility to the magazine. Dr. Applegate and I know what we like, but having students with such diverse opinions about art and literature is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an adviser,” Bishop said.

This year’s student editors are Ross Rogers, literary editor, Jennifer Bolden, assistant editor and Rebecca Layson, art editor.

Artists and writers whose work has been published speak about it at the receptions. “It’s showing the professional side of the free-thinking, artistic students in school,” said Kori Broadway, a math major on the Floyd campus. She was one of the many students who attended the reception last year.

Some artists and writers that got their start with the Old Red Kimono expand their work to other literary magazines.

Becca Layson works on t-shirts to promote the ORK. Photo by Kaitlyn Hyde