After 16 years, Marietta campus moves locations


Photo provided by Ken Reaves

With an anticipated opening set for the summer of 2022, the new Marietta campus will be located at 1090 Northchase Parkway. Only the first floor will be utilized by GHC.

Daniel Ortiz, Guest Writer

The Marietta campus is moving away from their current location at 1100 South Marietta Pkwy, which is jointly shared with Kennesaw State University. The new location will be at 1090 Northchase Pkwy according to the Marietta Campus Dean, Ken Reaves.

According to Vice President for Finance and Administration, Jamie Petty, spring 2021 will be the last semester held at the current location with the summer 2022 semester as the official start date for the new location.

GHC has been at their current location since 2005. Reaves said that the move was due to KSU needing more room on the Marietta site.
The process of moving had been initiated about “a year and a half or two years ago, now,” said Petty.

“They came to us, they came to Dr. Green (the former President), actually . . . that really spurred everything as far as us looking to find us a location,” said Reaves.

According to Petty, one of the criteria in selecting the new location was “to keep around the same cost that it was costing us to be at KSU,” among other considerations like having sufficient square footage, classrooms and offices.

The new location has 21,000 square feet. Petty mentioned that the new location is on the same bus line that services the current site, so students who currently use the service will continue to be able to do so.

Students attending the Marietta location can participate in KSU intramurals, student organizations and collegiate sporting events. They can also use the dining halls, library and student center.

Marietta student, Cameron Knudstrup, said that the amenities, environment, and the ability to interact with Kennesaw students were his favorite things about the current location. He said that he enjoyed the access to a Chick-fil-A and Starbucks.

“I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to continue some of the services that they have here on this (the current) campus,” said Reaves, “The new site that we’re on won’t have those things.”

“We’re going to have some conversations regarding their (KSU’s) wellness center and things like that . . . hopefully we can do some partnerships either with Kennesaw or even some local Planet Fitnesses or whoever in that area,” Petty said.

According to both Reaves and Petty, the new location will continue to offer all courses currently offered at the Marietta site.

“The facility will have about eight classroom facilities, two computer classrooms, I think six lecture rooms,” Reaves said, “We’ll have offices for some of the staff and a common area for our faculty,”

“We just want the best for the students of Cobb County, to give them the best education they can and pursue their educational dreams.” Reaves said.