Daylight Saving is Cuckoo

Why We Should Leave Our Clocks Alone

It’s that time of year again when everyone has to shift their clocks back and mess up their perfectly good sleep schedules. This past weekend marked the end of daylight saving time and I think it’s time we get rid of it.

Daylight saving started back during World War I in an attempt to save energy that could be used to go towards the war effort. The idea was that if everyone shifted their clocks, they would get more hours of daylight and less electricity would have to be used by the common person.

Whether this idea was successful in the past is debatable, but nowadays it’s irrelevant. We constantly use energy on lights and electronics no matter where the sun is in the sky and America is not in a major war like in the 1910’s.

One argument for keeping daylight saving time is that we get more sun throughout the day, which is technically true. Adjusting the clocks to follow the sun does allow society to have more daylight during those months. But if that’s the case, why don’t we just have daylight saving time all year?

Daylight saving time already lasts over half the year, with only a few winter months in “standard time.” It’s strange enough that what’s considered standard only lasts a third of the year, so why do we have to “fall back” at all?

When winter comes, there will be less sun no matter how the clocks are set. The axis of the Earth will not change no matter how many long summer days we want. There’s nothing anyone can do about that.

So is there any point in changing the clocks? No, there isn’t.

Not only is daylight saving annoying, but it causes actual health problems. According to the American Journal of Cardiology, daylight saving time is linked to an increase in heart attacks. What might not seem like a big deal is a literal danger to people!

So, the United States should either discontinue daylight saving or stay on daylight saving time all year long. We shouldn’t flip-flop like we do now.

Some states are already trying to make this change. Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas are attempting to pass bills to join Arizona to opt out of daylight saving time. These bills are difficult to pass though, as they can mess up time zones gravely.

Despite the challenges in changing daylight saving time, I think many of us would prefer sticking to the same time throughout the year.

And me? I just want to stop changing my clock.