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AI Art will never replace human creativity

Bree Messenger


The surge of artificial intelligence art has sparked a deeper conversation about the future of art as we know it. Some view it as a simple method of bringing imagination to life and others are concerned that artists will soon become a thing of the past.

AI Art generators are easily accessible and convenient, but who are they beneficial to? It may be helpful for blooming artists looking for a place to begin, but it can’t create authentic art pieces.

These websites and programs are simply a tool used to generate an image based on a prompt from images that already exist. The images generated by AI are not authentic and this is a significant flaw.

There are many takes on AI generators being unethical as the previous works of artists are used to train the generators. Art is a sacred process, and these generators are trying to rewrite history.

“People have already seemed to have forgotten that art is a form of human expression, and it’s something that artificial intelligence could never authentically replicate,” Taliyah Winston, an art major at the Floyd campus, said.

Art allows us to get to a peek of the intricate thoughts of an artist’s mind and that is what makes it beautiful. A robot stealing the work of others and enhancing it should not be the future of art we look forward to.

It may be a staple tool for lazy people seeking cheap and free art, but it cannot compare to the quality of art produced by an artist.

“The most AI Art can ever do in my opinion is to inspire artist’s creativity and propel artists towards creating more intricate and thought-provoking art,” Grant Fletcher a construction management/architecture major at the Floyd campus said.

I’m afraid AI art will be prevalent in our future, but it should be at the artist’s discretion.

It has made it difficult to enjoy the art shared on the web as it is sometimes hard to tell what is robot-like or not. The creativity possessed by humans can never be replaced but will continue to be imitated.

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