How the pandemic has tested our relationships

As we turn the corner to face year two of the pandemic head-on, some of us realize firsthand what a difficult year can do to our personal lives. 2020 was the making or breaking point for many relationships, platonic and romantic.

Sadly, I’ve found myself being the victim of the fleeting friendship category since the pandemic began. I wasn’t surprised when messages I sent out were left with no response, but the few people I managed to keep in contact with have made such an impact on my life. Our bonds continue to flourish.

The pandemic has shown just how much people crave connections, and now we can see how much our social lives have been disrupted by quarantine.
“Everyone has changed the way they interact,” said Rebecca G. Adams, a professor of sociology and gerontology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro who studies peer networks.
“If you can’t go out to public places,” Adams said, “you’re not picking up new casual friends, and the casual friends you already have are just going to drift off your radar. We don’t know what the lasting effect of these social disruptions will be.”

Sites such as Hinge and Bumble promote relationships as the core value of their apps. Unsurprisingly, dating apps have seen an increase in use since last year. Even when stuck at home, people want to seek out fulfilling bonds with new people.

Despite the obstacles the past year has thrown at us, it’s important to remember the strongest relationships can weather the worst hardships. It proves that those with the right intentions are here to stay. There’s no room for half-friendships when it comes to what life holds.