Brother 2 Brother and GHAME improve minority male academic outcomes


Russell Chesnut

Evan Snelling, Brother 2 Brother Coordinator, was in the program as a GHC student before he landed his current position.

GHC nominated Brother 2 Brother and GHAME for the 2021 USG Regents’ Momentum Year Award for Excellence in Advising and Student Success. The annual award recognizes advising and co-curricular activities that improve college outcomes.

B2B is a student organization at GHC which seeks to increase the enrollment, retention and graduation rates for minority males. It is under the umbrella of GHAME, Georgia Highlands African-American and Minority Male Excellence, a similar initiative to B2B.

“We’re one of the larger RSO (registered student organization) groups,” said Evan Snelling, GHAME coordinator and assistant director of B2B.

“We have about 120 members, and we have been nationally recognized as a national chapter of the year,” Snelling said.

B2B offers tutoring resources, networking opportunities and community to minority males.

“Unfortunately, statistics show that minority males are less likely to ask questions and that has led to woeful graduation rates,” said Snelling.

“Statistics show for any minority male that’s affiliated with the program, they have a six-time greater graduation rate than minorities that are not here,” said Snelling.

“Our retention rate [is] in the 90 percentile, so we would like to think we’re doing some things right.” Snelling said.

Brother 2 Brother Floyd campus president, Quentin Leek Jr. joined B2B in his freshman year after being put on academic probation.

“For me to come here it’s like, okay, I didn’t start the ball too late, and there’s still opportunity and chances for me to do something,” said Leek, “I came back, then just this past spring I was on the Dean’s list.”

Quentin Leek Jr., Brother 2 Brother Floyd Campus President, has held the position since 2019. (Russell Chesnut)

Leek said the program has given him leadership skills, tutoring resources and networking opportunities.

B2B members have access to 24/7 tutoring through and around-the-clock access to Snelling, even outside of school hours.

“We try to spend time with each and every one of them to let them know that they matter,” said Snelling.

“It becomes a family,” said Leek, ”being involved in something in college — it keeps you going.”

B2B’s plans for the school year include visits to Morehouse College, Savannah State University, Kennesaw State University and possibly Gordon State College.

The chapter is also attending three conferences: the Clemson University Men of Color National Summit, the GlobalMindEd Conference and the Student African American Brotherhood National Conference.

Students interested in B2B and the GHAME initiative can contact Snelling or Leek for more information.

“Give it a chance,” said Leek, “You’re not losing anything.”

Leek can be found on the Floyd campus or at [email protected].
Snelling can be emailed at [email protected].