Staying in for spring break

Staying in for spring break

“Let’s do something fun for spring break!”

Everyone knows where the conversation usually goes from there. Maybe someone suggests a trip to the beach, a girls’ night out at a concert or a nice amusement park vacation — in short, “something fun” probably involves travel, lots of people or both.

But what about now? The COVID-19 outbreak has been officially declared a pandemic, and while students should remain calm, everyone should exercise caution and use whatever preventative methods they can in order to stop the spread of the virus.
These preventative measures include washing hands, refraining from touching one’s face and avoiding travel and crowded areas where germs can be easily spread. What does this mean for spring break?
For many GHC students, it means staying home.

Nathan Jourat of the Paulding site said he normally tries to go out of town for spring break, but knowledge of the coronavirus will be keeping him in his house this year.
“My family and I are not for sure we want to go anywhere,” said Paulding student, Astrid Hernandez.
Hernandez and her family like to visit Florida during the break, but the recent events have left them uncertain about this year’s plans.

Despite these necessary changes caused by COVID-19, it is still possible to have a restful, entertaining and even productive break.

“I’m probably going to relax and enjoy the downtime,” said Paulding student Richard Chewning, “but if I have any studying I feel I must do, then that will be part of my break as well.”
Students should remember to prioritize their safety and that of those around them as they move forward. Spring break plans should be made accordingly.