GHC Wi-Fi Drive-In Provides Connectivity


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing shift to remote instruction, GHC is offering “drive-in” internet access for students.

Wi-Fi connectivity is available in the parking lots of the Floyd, Cartersville and Paulding campuses.
Cartersville’s Student Life Coordinator, Clifton Puckett, said these three campuses “all have small areas of our parking lots that are able to pick up wireless internet signal.”
At the Floyd campus, vehicles parked within 10-12 spaces in the first row of the Lakeview parking lot will be able to access the school’s Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi networks in Cartersville can be reached from 10-20 spaces in the parking lot behind the Student Center, in staff and faculty designated parking spots.
On the Paulding campus, in the parking lot in front of the Bagby building, Wi-Fi is available in 10-15 spots that are also designated as staff and faculty parking spots.

“If you park in these designated areas, you can stay in your car,” Puckett said. “Log in with your existing GHC credentials, and access the internet to work on your coursework.”

“We are excited to offer this option so that our students have all the resources needed to be successful during this period of social distancing,” said Paulding and Cartersville Campus Dean, Leslie Johnson.
GHC Police Chief, David Horace, said that along with their traditional duties regarding the overall safety and security of every GHC campus, GHC Police officers are monitoring the parking lots for social distancing, both on-site and by video surveillance.
Johnson said the GHC Wi-Fi Drive-In is “truly a collaborative effort from our IT, security and leadership teams.”