Video yearbook for class of 2020


Kay Fortner

GHC graduate, Olivia Fortner, records for the video yearbook with an iPhone.

Though the graduation ceremony is postponed, GHC has found another way to celebrate this special moment for students.

This is the 50th anniversary of GHC, and to celebrate this year’s graduating class, GHC will be putting together a 50th Celebration Video Yearbook for the graduating class.
Graduates have the opportunity to create a one-minute video introducing themselves and telling about their experience during college.

“Each year, Georgia Highlands College looks for ways to make each graduating class special in some way,” said GHC President, Don Green. “With this being GHC’s 50th graduating class, we wanted to do something that GHC has never done before.”

“In light of this unprecedented time in history we are living in, the idea to capture graduates in a virtual video yearbook is a great way to both preserve the history of this 50th graduating class moment and give something to our upcoming graduates that will be truly special and that they can share with friends and family for years to come,” Green said. “This is a truly special moment in our graduates’ lives and a truly special way to commemorate their success at GHC.”

Students can submit videos at or by clicking the link at the top of the commencement information page: There is an example video and question prompts to guide in creating the video submission. The deadline to submit videos is May 1.