Speech competition now accepting entries


Contributed by Steve Stuglin

Enter the speech competition today.

The 10th annual public speaking competition at Georgia Highlands College is now accepting entries from now to November 6. It’s open to all students who are currently enrolled or have previously completed either a Human Communications or Public Speaking course.

The objective of the competition is to write and deliver a five to six minute persuasive speech about any topic of the competitor’s choosing. Students are encouraged to choose a political topic but are not required to to enter the competition.

Director of the speech competition and associate professor of communication, Steve Stuglin, believes this competition is a great way to practice public speaking skills, “Many of our students learn basic public address theory and practice in our Human Communication course or Public Speaking course. Still, the performative art of speaking in public is one that requires significant practice in front of live audiences to master.”

Submissions that advance to the semifinals and finals will be rewarded with GHC themed prizes, GHC bookstore gift cards and prize money, “We’re offering $600 in prizes and money this year,” Stuglin said.

No matter how far students get, they will all walk away from this virtual experience with more knowledge about how to write and deliver a speech.

This year, due to the coronavirus, the event must be done virtually rather than in person like it has been for the last nine years, but Stuglin believes this is a better way for students to compete despite their busy schedules.

“Typically, the event happens on a Friday afternoon at the Cartersville site. This year, the entire event will be virtual,” Stuglin said.

All entries must be uploaded to YouTube and the link must be submitted here along with additional information on November 6 but early entries will get priority placement.

For more rules and information please visit: publicspeaking.highlands.edu