Chargers basketball teams post season schedule

The men’s and women’s Chargers basketball teams have released their full spring 2021 schedule.

The men’s team will be playing in 18 games this season and the women’s will be playing 20 games. The women’s team will be playing two extra games in the “Chipola Classic” tournament, in Marianna, Florida. Those two games will add onto their overall season record but won’t count onto the Chargers GCAA conference record. The two opponents the lady Chargers will face are unknown, but the team will be revealed later this month. The tournament will be played at the start of their season, January 20 through the 21.

The men’s team will have nine home games this season and the women’s team will have 10 home games. The men’s and women’s home games will take place at the Floyd campus.

Both teams will have a chance to battle their way into the GCAA playoff.

The men’s Chargers are coming off of an impressive 22-7 season. The Chargers made their way into the GCAA playoff, losing in the GCAA championship game.

The women’s Chargers are also coming off of a hot 21-9 season. The Lady Chargers also made their way into the GCAA championship but faced a loss as well.

Finding a spot into the GCAA playoffs may be more difficult for both Chargers teams this season. Both teams only have 18 games, compared to the 30 games both teams had last season. With fewer games, every game is critical in making it to the playoffs.