The narrative now: Getting through unexpected times


Photo contributed by Emily Salazar

Emily Salazar shares her experience during the pandemic.

Throughout the months of COVID-19, I realized how lonely everything can be.

I started working full time at my job during the pandemic last summer. This meant I worked forty-hours a week for six long months, which left me feeling mentally drained. I had zero time during the week for myself, family and hanging out with friends. I felt extremely alone since all of my time was put into work.

I had no hobbies, lost communication with close friends and had a negative view on life.

As the days began to feel shorter, my mind became anxious. I finally decided to admit that this wasn’t good for my mental health. It was time to work on myself and these bad thoughts roaming in the back of my head.

I stopped overthinking who my friends were, comparing myself to peers and draining myself in work. I found time to do the things I enjoy like morning yoga, rollerblading and hiking with family. The self-growth process has helped me get through the unexpected time of the COVID-19 pandemic.