The narrative now: there’s good an bad

Russell Chesnut

The pandemic has changed my life not only for the worse but also for the better.

During the pandemic, I have overcome many obstacles that I have been struggling with. These have mainly been minor issues that I needed to work on, such as procrastination and time management. I’m doing better at handling my important business and school work at the same time while also working.

I’ve learned more about myself. I’m very family oriented. My family means the world to me.

The negative impact is I lost my stepdad, the only father figure I had. I took it hard but I also had to stay strong and positive to uplift my family, because somebody has to be the strong one.

One of the challenges I face is trying to stay safe while working to pay bills and help my family. My mom has colon cancer, which came back during this pandemic. I have to be really cautious and make sure her health is stable and she is safe.

It’s hard and scary going to work and coming home not knowing what’s going to happen next. My mom returned to work and is currently working while also dealing with chemo during the week. Both of us have to stay safe while working because my grandma, who is more at risk since she is older, needs protection from the virus.

I keep hope and faith and ask the Lord to watch over us while we deal with this pandemic and hard times. I pray everyday and speak it into existence that we will overcome this pandemic and live normally again.