In the Zone

In the Zone

Becky Crooks

When I first chose Georgia Highlands as the college I wanted to attend, it was about proximity and affordability. The only thing I was concerned with was getting through the first two years of my degree and moving on. However, Highlands has stepped up its game and added intercollegiate sports.

Now, the school I thought of as simply transitional has given me something to look forward to. Soon, the Georgia Highlands basketball teams will be beginning their inaugural season.

Sports bring more than just people and money to a school; they also bring school pride. They bring in superstitions, like lucky shirts. They start traditions. Sports allow people to look past differences in the person next to them and simply enjoy something together.

This is a chance for us, as students, to set the bar for seasons to come. It’s time for us to get together, set aside our differences and agree to root for the one thing we all have in common.

Every Monday, students can be heard talking about college sports. What a refreshing difference it will make when we can all talk about our very own college’s sports.

It’s time to start traditions. In order for that to happen, the athletes need a strong foundation upon which to build.

There’s not much more exciting than watching the home team winning a game. The stress of a basketball game gets adrenaline pumping. Hearts beat in time with the dribble of the ball and skip a beat with every pass. A crowd’s emotions link in with the game, and for a moment, nothing else matters but cheering on the team.

As a former basketball player, I can honestly say there’s nothing greater than being cheered on by one’s peers. The roar of the crowd inspires comebacks or encourages someone to give just a little bit more, even if he or she feels like giving up.

Now is the time to hold our breath, cross our fingers and believe in something bigger than just textbooks and scantrons, to stand behind our college because it’s given us all something to root for.

The goal is unification, and in that, we need to support our new teams. So, on Nov. 4, let’s put on our orange and blue and meet in the gym at 2 p.m. to support the Lady Chargers in their first home game, followed by the men’s game at 4 p.m.