Romney and Obama debate policy changes

Brooke Govin

The first and second of three Presidential debates focused on domestic and foreign policy.

During the first debate, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney each had the chance to explain their plans for the future and counter attack each other on pending rumors.

The debate was set to have six time segments on domestic policy, each being 15 minutes.

The first three segments pertained to the economy and the last three were over health care, the role of government and governing.

Though the presidential candidates went over time with each topic question preselected by Lehrer, they both presented what they have to offer to America for the next four years that will affect students.

With Obama first to speak about creating jobs, he explained how, over the last four years in office, the once major problems in America have changed.

He explained that he sees America rising up from the ashes with proof by saying that five million jobs in private sectors have been created.

Also, he said that the automobile industry in America has picked up and the housing market is on the way back. With this said, Obama went on to tell how he would help America get back on its feet.

He plans to invest in education and training for jobs and bring new sources of energy to the US. Also, he plans to change the tax code to help small businesses, and to take the money we have spent in war and put it towards ways to lower the deficit.

In contrast with Obama’s plan, Romney has five basic parts to help with America’s unemployment.

He plans to have America become energy independent, which will ultimately create four million jobs, open more trade, especially with Latin America, and improve education in America to help the nation have the best schools in the world.

Romney plans to balance the budget in a business manner and support small business, which has been on a record 30 year low.

These presidential candidates’ plans for America are vastly different, but are extremely important to today’s generation of students.

Another major issue that pertains to students in school is the debate over keeping Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act (often referred to as ObamaCare) or Romney’s approach to discontinue the act and have Medicare to be handled by the states.

Obama wants to further ObamaCare and take savings of Medicare and put it towards the expansion of the health care act.

These savings are obtained by reducing federal payments to insurance companies, hospitals and other providers.

He states that these funds being put towards ObamaCare can help better the individuals affected by high health care cost and give them health care for a low price.

He states that this will have no effect on the Medicare recipients.

Romney suggests that Medicare should be a program that the states should run because the states know the people better.

He wants citizens to have the options between two plans, Medicare or a private insurance company.

Romney also states that he will not take funding out of Medicare and ensures that Medicare and Social Security will be there in the future for the young, working generation.

The second debate took lace on Oct. 16, and it focused on many of these same issues, but with more emphasis on foreign policy.

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