Re-elected Georgia Republican candidates shatter hopes and dreams


Patrick Daniel

The election of Brian Kemp and Marjorie Taylor Greene could mean doom for Georgia.

Tami-Ann Treasure, Opinion and Editorials Editor

On Nov. 8, Brian Kemp and Marjorie Taylor Greene won their respective seats of governor and House representative to continue being leaders for the people of Georgia. Safe to say this was no surprise to many, nonetheless, it is disheartening.

We at the Six Mile Post conducted a poll on our website where students expressed whether or not they were happy with the reelection of both leaders. Fifteen percent voted “Yes” and 85 percent voted “No.” Thirteen total participated in the poll. 

Kemp’s win is a major disappointment for Democrats, who had hoped, despite Abrams’ narrow 2018 loss, that victories for Joe Biden and two Democratic senators in Georgia two years ago meant that the GOP’s hold on the state had permanently loosened,” Mallory Culhane, writer of Politico, wrote in their article.

This win makes it seem as though Georgia is taking 100 steps back from playing a huge part in Democrats taking control of the Senate in 2020. 

One of Kemp’s most notable inconsiderate acts was ending the pandemic unemployment compensation early. He had no compassion for people who had to stay at home during this health crisis to care for their children and preserve their health. 

The move also ignored the inherent racist hiring practices in the workforce. According to GDP, Black citizens in Georgia have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic more than other demographics. Georgia residents deserve leaders who would perceive this as a negative. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been no better in setting an example for what an exemplary leader for Georgia residents should look like. 

There is no better example of the rise of far-right conspiracy theory politics in the US than Greene, a provocateur who has made racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic statements, signaled support for political violence – including the execution of Democrats – and promoted bizarre claims,David Smith, writer for, The Guardian, wrote in their article.

Her re-election feels like an insult to Georgians who are offended by her far-right conspiracy theories. Greene’s antics on social media have led to her being censored for her disparaging remarks. 

“Her personal Twitter account was permanently suspended for perpetuating false claims about COVID-19,” Caitlyn O’Kane of CBS News, wrote in their article.

Greene’s claims on social media also damage the integrity of the US democracy. CNN fact-checked her claims in an article 4 days after her Twitter account was suspended for spreading election misinformation. A few of these claims include voter fraud, perpetuating the idea that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that white supremacists were not involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection. 

Georgia deserves to have empathetic and community-serving leaders. The re-election of Brian Kemp and Marjorie Taylor Greene will do nothing but further divide the state.