OSL needs help with planning activities

OSL needs help with planning activities


Each year, high school seniors are encouraged to start at a small community college instead of going to a big state university because “everyone’s first two years are basically the same anyway.”

So, most students stay at home for the first two years and then transfer to another school to finish their degree. Thus begins the “floating.”

Students simply float through their time here at GHC, going straight from class to class and then straight home, just praying that they make it through these two years so their “real” college experience can begin at that big state university. Only then, they think, will they really be college students.

So, what can GHC do to help students break the monotonous “floating” that prevents them from having a college experience right now? GHC has plenty of clubs to help students to get involved, but sometimes clubs aren’t enough.

The answer lies in the Office of Student Life (OSL). Each campus has a student life coordinator who plans and coordinates activities to make sure students have an enjoyable college experience.

If this is the case, then why does GHC still have an overwhelming number of “floaters?” Students love their student life coordinators, but one person on each campus simply cannot do it all.

The OSL needs more staff to help plan the activities to help students get involved and have a good time at GHC.

Students who have fond memories of being at the college and enjoying their experience are the ones who are most likely to donate to GHC in the future.

GHC’s six different locations offer local classes to students all over northwest Georgia. Schedules are flexible and the classes are affordable. All of this makes Georgia Highlands College a great place to begin a college career. Why not also make sure the OSL is equipped to ensure GHC students can have a “real” college experience?