Summer classes can help avoid complacency

Summer classes can help avoid complacency

Jess Summers

Georgia Highlands is offering summer classes, and these can help make a student’s life less stressful during his or her journey.

Maymester courses and full-term summer courses are being offered.

Maymester courses are offered during the month of May. These classes can vary depending on the credit hours. Some classes will meet Monday through Thursday like Alexandra MacMurdo’s Intercultural Communication class, COMM 1502.

MacMurdo is an instructor of Communication and this class meets for three hours and five minutes on each of those days. There is a study abroad trip that goes along with the class, though the trip is optional. Classes will begin on May 13 and end on May 31.

Other full courses are offered in both the months of June and July and are scheduled similarly to the Maymester courses. June classes will begin on June 4 and end on June 27. July courses will begin on July 2 and end on July 30.

For students who do not want to fit a full course into one month, full-term classes are offered during the months of both June and July.

Classes will be on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. These class sessions last for roughly two-and-a-half hours. For these courses, classes will start on June 4 and end on July 30 or 31.

These course offerings can help students who have a busy work schedule or families to better organize their time and priorities.