GHC offers a new college perspective

GHC offers a new college perspective

When thinking about Georgia Highlands College, students might wonder, “What makes this college special?” And many of those students will try to transfer to a large university as soon as they can.

There are not many other colleges around like Georgia Highlands College. There are six GHC campuses in the Northwest Georgia area.

Being spread out allows for diversity and gives many people the chance to jump-start their lives in college. Instead of having to move away from home to start college, it brings the college experience close to home.

Not only are the campuses spread out and easily accessible, but the tuition is very inexpensive compared to some of the other alternatives. Low tuition provides students with a sensible way to start college and save money before enrolling in a more expensive university. Students do not have to move and can keep their current job all while earning college credits.

The professors here are extremely helpful, and the classes are small. Professors are able to help students on a more individual level and actually know who their students are. In many cases, professors can become mentors for students and help them reach their goals even after their time here.

Georgia Highlands College is growing fast. Being a student here at this time gives students the opportunity to suggest new activities and programs, start new clubs and, above all, it gives students the chance to help shape this college into something truly amazing.

Most majors cannot be completed here and require many students to transfer. Georgia Highlands College is not meant to be where everyone stays; it is here to help students start the path to accomplish their goals, no matter what their goals might be.

There are many options and services available to students free of charge. Advisers, tutors and the rest of the staff truly want to help students succeed in life.

Instead of students being ashamed of attending Georgia Highlands College, while their friends move away to more popular universities, students should take advantage of all the great services available.

This is the perfect time for students to plan for their future by completing what they can now and prepare their lives for when they transfer.