GHC offers what other colleges can’t

GHC offers what other colleges can’t

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In the latest issue of Six Mile Post, there was an article titled “GHC offers a unique college experience.” This is the reason why I choose to attend Georgia Highlands College.

I work four jobs and take a full class load. I try to stick to online classes because they offer the flexibility I need.

Now that it is coming time to transfer to a new school to achieve my four-year degree, I am having the hardest time picking a school that will offer the same flexibility along with majors I am interested in.

The article is completely right; GHC offers schooling to students with low costs, flexibility and numerous majors. I personally wish Highlands was turning into a four-year college sooner rather than later.

Paige Nabers

Undecided Major

Cartersville campus