Money saving tips for college students

Money saving tips for college students

Holly Chaney

The scenario: You have a date on Friday and nothing to wear. You want to impress but you have just $20 to look your best.

You’re in luck! Dressing on a budget can be really easy and is one of the best places to stretch your dollar. While there are many options for you to consider, let’s look at three budget friendly resources.

Before you ever step foot in a store it is essential to spend time taking inventory of your own closet; know what you have. Finding base pieces you already own can save you big bucks.

These pieces can also help save time by giving you an idea of the color and style you’ll be looking for while shopping. Once you’ve completed this step, it’s time to hit the stores.

Surprisingly, your local mall can be a great place to find options that work within your budget. Most stores have sections devoted to clearance, and making a beeline to these sections can save you from making hasty full-price purchases.

Many stores have online coupons as well as apps where you can access additional savings. A few minutes of research on your smart phone may yield a nice reward.

Finally, if you’ve exhausted the mall clearance racks, you might try a local, teen focused consignment shop. These stores are a gold-mine for high end new and gently used clothing, only accepting on trend merchandise and in the best condition.

Spend some time in these racks and you are sure to get plenty of bang for your buck.

So whether you find it for free in your closet, on a clearance rack, or gently pre-owned, you can look your best while knowing that you did it within your means, and that makes you one smart student.