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Social media outlets are source of negativity

Ashlee Gilley. Photo by Kate Cheek.

With over seven billion people in the world, you think people would expect and even appreciate it when people have various opinions and interests. Yet on a daily basis you can see the endless criticism directed at anyone who has an opinion that differs from someone else’s.

It is no wonder people are becoming more and more hesitant to share their interests with others.

People can’t say or do anything without someone having to say something about it.

If someone is happy and isn’t hurting anyone, then others should leave them alone.

It is hard to understand why people feel the need to ridicule others for what they enjoy.

The things we like or that make us happy are the best things about us. Our interests make us more diverse and interesting people, and essentially they are what make us, us.

We should not allow other people to make us feel like crap just because we have different interests. There’s the word everyone seems to have a problem with, “different.”

You can see it happening all the time, especially with the expanding use of social media. I’m not putting social media down at all; in fact, I am a massive fan of it.

However, social media sites make it easier for us to get opinions out there whether they are positive or negative.

If you look in the comments sections of a YouTube video or the “@” replies to a tweet, you will find countless examples.

As soon as someone says something, there are people ready to put them down or tell them that what they said is wrong or stupid.

The power of being able to reply to people all over the world can go both ways, but more often than not it leans towards the critical side.

No one wants to have what makes them happy belittled. The next time that you want to make a negative comment about what someone is doing, or their interests, think about how it would make you feel if someone said the same thing to you.

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