Marietta librarian is there for students

Marietta librarian is there for students

January Curry

Mark Gatesman has served as the only librarian for Georgia Highlands College’s Marietta campus since Oct. 2, 2006.

Gatesman was a history major who had hopes of becoming a historian, but his job in the Clarion University of Pennsylvania library while working on his undergrad degree took him in a different direction. He changed his major to library science at Clarion and embarked on his new journey.

Gatesman’s office is located inside of the SPSU library. Here, he can be found carrying out his daily routine. His day does not only consist of books. Gatesman also teaches a FCST class on Fridays and manages the social media for the GHC and SPSU library.

If Gatesman is not in the SPSU library, he might be in one of the classrooms conducting one of his presentations. In a 50-minute session, he is required to introduce the library’s resources to new students.

His approach is hands-on, interactive and memorable. “It’s far more effective to market the library. It’s the place to come. We have people there that will help you,” said Gatesman.

Students from all majors are benefitting from Gateman’s class visits. “There is a reference center in the library that can help you find stuff that is more credible,” stated Margarita Vasquez, nursing major.

Gatesman’s class visits are for both the students and the professors. He takes the library to the classroom. “He is a good spokesperson for the library. He is energetic, and the students enjoy it,” said Barbara Moss, professor of history.

Though resources like GALILEO and live chat are available, they are not utilized to their full potential. “Resources are under-utilized. You can use GALILEO, and it will suck you in for hours,” stated Moss.

Gatesman is available to help with not only research through GALILEO for projects but also citations and basic grammar. “I cannot shout from the rooftops loud enough. If you need help with citations, the library is the place to be,” said Gatesman.

Students can benefit from these resources through online chat or visit Gatesman in the SPSU library.

Gatesman made a part-time college job turn into an overall passion. He hopes that students will take advantage of his ability to help them.

Understanding the importance of the resources the library has to offer, Gatesman dreams to one day offer a library skills class.