Georgia Highlands tutorial centers provide students with course assistance

Georgia Highlands tutorial centers provide students with course assistance

Emily Varnum

The GHC tutorial centers offer students free help at all campuses.

Kim Smith, a part-time tutor at the Paulding campus, said, “Our goal is to work with students on skills so that they can become independent learners.”

The most popular subjects students typically need help with are English and mathematics.

Nea Martin, assistant director of tutoring, stated that the majority of tutors are professionals who have bachelor’s degrees, or in some cases master’s degrees, in their fields.

“We do have a couple of part-time instructors who work for us on a limited basis,” said Martin.

She continued, “We also employ a small selection of part-time peer tutors (current GHC students) who have been recommended by their instructors in their respective fields.”

Briana Brooks, art major on the Paulding campus, said, “The student tutor didn’t understand my question, but the professor who was there was very helpful to me.”

In 2007, nearly 5,000 students visited the tutorial center.

Over the years, more and more students started going to the tutorial center.

Last year, almost 9,500 students visited a tutorial center.

Students who would like to meet with a tutor at their campus should go to the Highlands home page.

Once there, they should click on “Offices and Departments,” then on “Tutorial Center,” and the “Schedule” will be in the left-hand column.