Weezer’s new album goes back to its rock roots

Weezers new album goes back to its rock roots

Ashlee Gilley

If students have been looking for a new alternative rock album to dance around to while they’re cleaning or to blast on their way to campus, Weezer’s new album, “Everything Will Be Alright in the End,” is for them.

This is Weezer’s ninth album, and much like their older albums, they stay true to their rock roots.

The songs vary from an ode to a beautiful girl, a plea to make amends with a father and a song about keeping one’s individuality no matter what society thinks. The variety in song themes makes sure there is a song for nearly every mood

The song, “Foolish Father”, will make some listeners think about their relationships with their parent, while the track “Da Vinci” will have listeners singing along and in a good mood thanks to the upbeat sound and catchy chorus.

The first single released from the new album was “Back to the Shack”, followed by “Cleopatra”. The majority of the album has an upbeat sound, with the exception of songs such as “II. Anonymous”.

“Back to the Shack” is currently number eighteen on Billboard’s Rock chart. As of right now, “Back to the Shack” is also the only track with a music video.

Like a lot of their original music, this album is heavy on the guitar. Rivers Cuomo, the lead vocalist and guitarist, is credited as a writer on all of the songs.

In an interview with guitarworld.com Cuomo said, “Recording this record felt like much more of a creative process than making the first album”.

On this album the band worked with Ric Ocasek, who was the producer they worked with on their “Green” and “Blue” record, so fans of classic Weezer may be excited. Weezer’s “Green” and “Blue” were their two most successful albums.

This album gets a grade of: B+