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Douglasville students feel left out


What happened to Douglasville campus? As a student that represents the Douglasville campus, this is a question I hear asked nearly all the time.

Even though the Douglasville campus was built about three and a half years ago, it is still recognized as the new, irrelevant campus.

It seems as if Floyd, Cartersville, Marietta and Paulding always get the better end of the deal when it comes to campus events, clubs and actual campus atmosphere.

It is horrible that we can go to campuses like Cartersville or Floyd and see a place for students to sit down and eat or even have a place to hang out and chill outside, while at Douglasville campus, we get two vending machines and one microwave.

Douglasville students would love an actual area where food is served to them outside of a candy and drink machine.

Students tend to have to leave campus to get food and sometimes risk the chance of being late for classes and club meetings.

Often, students can be seen sitting inside their cars waiting for their next class.

Music major student Jasmine Rowe said she does this because there are not many places for her to sit because the few seats available are usually already taken up.

When it comes to the clubs at the Douglasville campus, it is a working matter.

It is good to say that this year Douglasville has gotten more students to participate in student activities.

These are things that highly interest me, and I would hope to see changed in the near future by Georgia Highlands.

Yes, we students here at the Douglasville campus understand it is still qualified as the “new” campus, but how long will it take for it not to be treated like one?

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