Midterm elections really do matter to college students

Matthew Massey

Most people feel it is important to vote in presidential elections because who we choose to lead our country not only affects citizens of the United States but also citizens worldwide. Midterm elections, however, fail to draw nearly as much attention.

But who gets elected into office can affect college students in various ways.

The Georgia gubernatorial election should definitely be on Georgia students’ radar as the Nov. 4 election day approaches. The candidate elected governor can affect who is appointed to the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.

Who cares about the Board of Regents, you ask? Well, smokers do for instance. The Board passed a policy that took effect Oct. 1 banning all smoking from USG campuses state wide.

The Board of Regents was also responsible for the merger between Southern Poly Technic State University and Kennesaw State University.

Don’t side with either of these decisions? Let your voice be heard by voting. Think these were great issues? Go make a statement by voting.

There is also a Georgia seat becoming vacant in the United States Senate when Saxby Chambliss retires. This will be a tight race.

The turnout of just half of Georgia’s 318,000 college students would be enough to sway the results. The candidate chosen will help decide the fate of which party maintains control of the Senate.

This year’s midterms, just as almost every midterm election, are expected to have an exceptionally low turnout. Do not let that be a deterrent. College students have a historically low turnout, but if students showed up it could be enough to make a difference.