Don’t disrupt others’ learning by being disrespectful during class

Don’t disrupt others’ learning  by being disrespectful during class

Jessyca Arndt

My life as a student at Georgia Highlands College started in 2011 with such a different mentality of classroom etiquette than I have today.

For the past three semesters, I have taken out loans and found myself drowning in a new kind of debt that I wish none of us ever had to know, but unfortunately, a great deal of students do. With this knowledge that we have to pay for our own education, I am finding it really hard to accept those students who choose to disrupt my learning.

I never knew what the phrase “Money Talks” meant until I could almost hear someone’s words flush my money down the toilet. I sat through an hour and fifteen minute class that I heard zero lecture in because of a few students that sat behind me. When the class ended, I felt completely robbed by these disrespectful people.

We all have our reasons for being in school. My reason is to eventually be able to support my daughters and their futures. If you are taking a class, or in a business meeting or just in an environment where the focus of the room should be on someone other than you, then please, have some common courtesy and keep your lips sealed.

You don’t know what your neighbor is trying to achieve in that atmosphere, and you don’t know the cost of what those missed words could mean to them.

I know it isn’t always easy, but we all need to show others just a little more respect than we already do, both for ourselves, and the well-being of everyone’s future.