Review: GHC Douglasville student shines as the voice of reason in ‘Lipstick Monologues’ at Atlanta’s 444 Theatre

Holly Chaney

Candice "Septymber Fifteenth" Whitfield shows her array of emotions in the "Lipstick Monologues." Photo by Holly Chaney
Candice “Septymber Fifteenth” Whitfield shows her array of emotions in the “Lipstick Monologues.” Photo by Holly Chaney

Douglasville student Candice Whitfield, who may be better known to some as Septymber Fifteenth, recently concluded an Atlanta performance as the voice of reason in the “Lipstick Monologues.”

Septymber, gave a powerful performance. Using a soulful and commanding voice, she gave vast contrast to the sometimes painful and risqué narratives that embody the Lipstick Monologues.

The Monologues, written and directed by Atlanta native Andre Orie, focus on allowing women to tell their real stories.

The official Lipstick Monologue website describes the play as “a uniquely arranged portrayal of words and soliloquies that often go unspoken in the minds and hearts of women.” It further describes the play as “placing front and center the range of emotions that women and teen girls experience in their daily walks of life.”