Georgia Highlands College night student concerns brought to life

Georgia Highlands College night student concerns brought to life

The Six Mile Post recently received a handful of letters to the editor from students attending night classes at the GHC Floyd campus.

Overall students seemed appreciative that the college provides options, like night classes, for non-traditional students.

The letters did, however, bring up some concerns night students had.

One issue in particular caught our attention. This time of year evenings are getting darker at an earlier time and students were worried about the lights in the parking lot not being on after their classes.

Walking alone in a dark parking lot at night can cause people to feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

This information was passed on to campus safety and plant operations.

David Horace, GHC Chief of Police, responded promptly and addressed the issue accordingly.

Horace said, “We will check and make sure all the campuses are adjusted to the fall schedule as we move towards the time going back an hour and the days becoming shorter and it becomes darker earlier in the evenings.”

John Rogers, GHC’s electrician, programed the lights to come on 30 minutes earlier at night.

We were happy to see Highlands react to the issue quickly. This type of reaction from the college shows that student concerns are a high priority.

No student should have to feel unsafe at his or her campus. Thanks to the letters the Six Mile Post received, an issue that made some students uncomfortable was able to get resolved.

We want to bring your concerns and opinions to light. As the voice of the students, the Six Mile Post wants our readers to keep sending letters.