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Why I really love Thanksgiving

Art by Josh Jones
Art by Josh Jones

I love Thanksgiving. It is a uniquely American holiday that does not have an equivalent anywhere else in the world.

All nations have their Independence celebrations, and most countries note birthdays of beloved leaders and founders. There are other unique holidays in other countries such as Boxer’s Day in Canada and Guy Fawkes Day in Britain, even Mexico’s Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), but nothing quite like our cherished Thanksgiving Day.

It is a profound statement of our country’s moral center that we have a commemoration of one of the lowest points in our country’s history.

We stumbled, unaware and unprepared, into a near disaster, and were only rescued by a potential enemy.

That oft told first Thanksgiving is remembered and recognized through generations as a blessing and divine intervention in our nation’s founding and birth.

It is a holiday that requires no gift giving, no costumes, no braving of the crowds, no monetary output, no carefully crafted stories of make-believe characters, no political statements, no obligatory revelries and no sad rememberings.

It is very simply a time to love your family, enjoy your friends, laugh, smile, snuggle, and, of course, appreciate good food.

Hold this holiday close to your hearts. It is not only exceptional in its founding, but in danger from society.

To this point, it has not yet been attacked by the secularists who have diminished Christmas. It is still safe from the politically correct that has almost destroyed Columbus Day and other regional holidays.

It is not yet being assaulted by the commercialism that is threatening Halloween. And, gratefully, it is not yet being celebrated with white sales, car commercials, chocolates, roses and talking bunnies.

So on Thanksgiving Day, enjoy the food and the football and the time off. Let your little ones watch the Macy’s Parade and greet Santa Claus on his arrival in town.

But then again, don’t forget to love and hug your family, don’t forget to be thankful for your many blessings and don’t forget how lucky we are to be who we are…Americans.

To you and yours, have a happy, healthy and enjoyable holiday season, and “God bless us, everyone.”

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